A powerful, easy to use tool to browse the contents of your iPod from your Mac.

What DeTune does:

  • Supports all iPods, iPhones and iPads
  • Copy your music back to your Mac
  • Includes support for music, movies, tv shows, ringtones, books and more
  • Simple, iTunes-like interface
  • Copy files to and from your iPod's file system

What DeTune doesn't do (yet):

  • Show album art
  • Play music or video files from within DeTune
  • List photos stored on the iPod

What DeTune will never do:

  • Remove DRM from songs you have bought from iTunes
  • Run on Windows - DeTune is a Mac OS X application
  • Cost money - it's free!

Has your hard drive crashed, taking out your iTunes library? Forgot to make a backup?

If you have a copy of your music on your iPod, DeTune allows you to copy it all back to your Mac.

Need to transport large files from one Mac to another?

DeTune allows you to make use of your iPod's file system as a storage drive. Take your files anywhere!

Download the latest version of DeTune. Then take a look at the manual, or read the FAQ. DeTune is completely free, and the source code is available to download.